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John Katsaros and Peter Christy are principals at the Internet Research Group and have both been active participants in the computer and communications business for over 30 years. Both were educated as engineers. John has spent his career in high-tech sales and marketing; Peter in product development and strategy.

John Katsaros is a principal at Silicon Valley-based Internet Research Group (IRG), a leading market research and consulting company focused exclusively on helping innovative companies gain market share. In March 2000, the original company named IRG, which Katsaros had founded, was acquired by Jupiter Communications. IRG provided strategic consulting for dozens of high tech companies, including IBM, Lotus, Cisco, Oracle, Sun, and Hewlett Packard, as well as some of the Valley’s brightest venture-backed start-ups. Subsequent to working with Jupiter, Katsaros, along with Peter Christy, started a successor research company, NetsEdge Research Group which they later renamed Internet Research Group after the original IRG partners obtained the rights to use their former brand name.  Katsaros has more than thirty years’ experience in senior-level sales, marketing, product development, and business planning positions in a variety of environments ranging from Fortune 500 companies to startups. He is also the author of Selling High Tech (1994), and was a contributing author to Tricks of the Internet Gurus (1993). He is a frequent speaker at conferences and has written many reports on electronic commerce and infrastructure. Industry and national media call Katsaros for commentary about innovation-related events. He has also appeared as an industry expert on CNBC and CNN.

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Peter Christy is a principal at Internet Research Group.  He has been involved with the computer and communications industries since the late ‘60’s. Educated as an undergraduate at Harvard, and graduate school at Berkeley, Peter started as a system programmer building operating systems at CSC. Next was an exploration of medical information systems at UCSF, and then a decade at DEC in the heyday period of 1975-1985, starting at Technical Staff to the VP of Software Engineering, and ending in the middle of VLSI systems, including work with DECNet from the very beginning. Peter was briefly at HP, serving as manager of network architecture, ran engineering for IBM/Rolm PhoneMail operations, and then was founder and VP of Software Engineering for MasPar Computers, building mid-range, highly parallel computers in the late 1980’s. That was followed by business development for Sun’s object oriented Spring operating system, and then running much of Apple’s developer tools efforts, including program responsibilities for Apple’s involvement with IBM and Novell on OpenDoc. Peter learned the analysis business from Michael Slater, running the small Ziff-Davis operation that Michael had started around microprocessors, publishing the Microprocessor Report and convening the Microprocessor Forum All this experience is, remarkably, actually brought to bear in the current Internet Research Group activities.

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