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Whether your business is microprocessors or airplane manufacturing, it will live or die by the degree to which you can anticipate demand for your products and services.  In Getting It Right the First Time, we show that the most successful businesses will be those that accurately predict market conditions--especially the market changes that will occur within the crucial 18-to-36-month innovation window.  Or, to paraphrase the advice hockey superstar Wayne Gretzky received from his father: "Skate to where the puck is going to be, not to where it is."

But we do more than merely give you yet one more theory about how to be successful. We provide dozens of colorful examples of profitable successes and missed opportunities (from high-tech to financial services to medical devices) that serve as examples and cautionary tales. We present you with a detailed plan for how you and your company can learn to: identify your top customers in advance of entering the market, successfully position your company and its products to those customers, and catch emerging trends before your competitors do. Shunning traditional market research techniques--such as focus groups, polls, and surveys as unnecessary and costly, we demonstrate how "expert interviews" with potential early adopters can help identify your "killer app"--the function that customers most value--and avoid costly trial-and-error. In a viciously competitive world where your company may have only one chance to score big, Getting It Right the First Time provides essential guidance for entrepreneurs, marketers, product developers, and business strategists, and offers new insight into the dynamics of innovation.

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