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   New Internet Research Group Publishes
2001 Content Distribution Market Share

New Research From Internet Research Group
Details Content Distribution Networking Market Share


Los Altos, Calif., January 22, 2002 – Internet Research Group (IRG) today released the 2001 CDN market share results as part of its latest research effort, The 2002 Content Distribution At The Edge report. The past year saw CDN revenues double to $200M in 2001.


Web-based content distribution has gone through a dramatic evolution over the past four years. At this time in 1998, the Akamai service was only an idea. Now, four years later, there are over a dozen CDN providers with about 3,000 customers spending more than $16M monthly. "Last year, CDN service revenues managed to double, despite the bursting of the .COM bubble, the crash in bandwidth prices, and the overall economic malaise," said John Katsaros, principal and co-founder at Internet Research Group. "That very real growth in the face of significant adversity clearly validates the role of CDNs and performance optimization in general in the overall Internet economy."


The market share numbers are contained in the CDN Market Size and Share report which has been published on IRG’s Web site. Akamai with more than 80% share and Digital Island with 10% lead the pack, which also includes Mirror-Image, AT&T and Speedera. This study provides a table showing overall market sizing and includes an analysis of the factors contributing to the overall growth in the CDN market.


An abstract of this study is also available by clicking here. The full report, The 2002 Content Distribution At The Edge Report, will be published for service clients in February.


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